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Whitehall Pool and Tennis Club

est. 1966, Celebrating 51 years!

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For more in-depth details on all policies, please click HERE to view the official pool by-laws.
Guest Policies

Non-Bowie residents are welcome as guests with a current WPT member all days with the exception of an occasional special WPT event.

Bowie residents are welcome as guests on Tuesday with a current WPT member or as a guest of a registered party.  If your mailing address is Bowie, you are considered a Bowie resident.

ID maybe requested to verify address.

Grandparents are welcome WHEN ACCOMPANIED by their child or grandchild who is a WPT member. 

Guest Fees

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday* – Adult--$ 7.00    Child--$ 5.00

         *Friday Night Swim - Adults Only - $10.00

Tuesday (Bowie Day), Saturday, Sunday – Adult--$ 8.00   Child--$ 6.00


Senior Guests (59 years and above) - 50% off Adult guest fees.  Senior discount applies only to single-day adult guest passes.

5-Visit Guest Pass -   Adult--$25.00      Child--$20.00

Anytime Pass- $100 for 10 uses

·         One pass per family while supplies last

·         Valid for current season only

·         Will not be reissued if lost or stolen

·         Cannot be used for Special Events (i.e: Crab Feast)

·         Bowie resident rules do NOT apply

o    i.e: Bring a Bowie guest on a Thursday

Guest Ages

Adult – age 16 and older                   

Child – age 15 and younger

Senior- ages 59 and up

All children ages 2 and younger are free.





Due to a change in our insurance, there are new regulations for the use of the diving boards.


-ALL diving board users must pass a swimming test of swimming 25 consecutive meters (1 lap).

-ALL high dive users must pass a swimming test of 25 consecutive meters and be at least 46" tall.


See a manager to be approved to use the diving boards.


Outside the Pool

No running anywhere on the deck area.

Food may only be eaten in the snack bar area or grassy areas.

Smoking is only allowed in the designated area behind the diving well, along the fence line.

No shoes with wheels.

No bouncing balls on the deck.



No excessive splashing.

No throwing individuals in the pool or while in the pool.

No going over the ropes or hanging on ropes.

No diving anywhere besides the ends of the 4 feet area and the well.

No cannonballs off the deck into the 4 feet.

No hanging legs on the side of the pool.

No goggles that cover your nose.

No toys of any kind allowed in the main pool.

No getting on top of peoples shoulders.

No rough play.

No flotation devices (Even for small children).

Swimsuits must be worn.

No phones or underwater cameras permitted.


One at a time on the slide.

Child of reasonable size and age.

Goggles are not to be worn while going off the slide.

Must swim directly to ladder and get out there after sliding.

Parent can not catch or aid the child (Children must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted).

One at a time at the top of the slide.

The next child can walk up the slide once the previous one goes off.

The child at the top of the slide can slide down once the previous one reaches the ladder.


In the Well

In the well, the kids can’t grab on to the side of the wall, they have to swim from the board to the ladder. 

The person on the middle diving board has to swim straight out to the rope, and then to a ladder.

No gainers, even for the experienced divers.

One at a time on the diving board.

The person on the board has to wait until the person in front of them has made it past the lifeguard chair.

Limit of one jump on the diving board.

Goggles are not to be worn while going off the diving boards.


In the Baby Pool

Nobody is allowed to put chairs on the beach entrance in the baby pool

Children can only have one tube on

If a child swims in the big pool by themselves, they cannot swim in the baby pool.  This is especially important during adult swim when the baby pool gets crowded.

You must be under 6 years of age to swim in the baby pool if the rule above does not apply.

One sibling or friend allowed to be in the pool with child of under six if and only if they are playing or watching the baby.


Front Desk

Pictures will be taken of each member to be used by the Gate guards to verify membership.

Guest will be required to sign in and show ID.

Guests are the responsibility of the member at all times while enjoying the pool.  The member is responsible to make sure that the guests understand the rules of the pool.

Guest must be non-Bowie residents except on Tuesdays or when attending a registered party or event.

Any guest entering the pool grounds must pay the guest fees regardless of their use of the facility.

No glass including food containers are permitted in the pool grounds.


These rules are in addition to the rules in the by-laws and are subject to change at any time on approval by the WPT Board of directors.