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Whitehall Pool and Tennis Club

est. 1966, Celebrating 51 years!

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Information regarding membership, including selling, buying, and transferring.

 Membership Options

(For Newly Joining Members) 


Option 1: Payment in Full

Buyer pays $545 (membership fee) and $600 for the bond in initial payment.



Option 2: Partial Payment of Membership

Buyer pays $545 (membership fee) in initial payment.  The bond is paid over three months in $200 increments.  Below is the breakdown of the bond payment:

     -By June 1st: $200

     -By July 1st: $200

     -By August 1st: $200

  (First payment of bond, $200, can be paid with the initial payment.  All bond payments can be made earlier than the date posted.)


Option 3: Trial Membership

Buyer pays $695 ($595 for membership fee and $100 towards next seasons bond).

Total: $695


If you wish to pay your first year annual dues online, please email the webmaster so they can send you a link without late fees at

*Returning members: see the Marketplace tab to pay your dues online.*


Steps to Sell or Transfer Your Pool Bond 

1. Are your dues up to date? Did you pay your membership last summer?

 (If you answered yes to the above questions, then you can sell or transfer your membership. If you are not up to date on your dues, then you are unable to sell or transfer your membership. Please contact Mike Cleveland.)


2. Send your name, address, email, and phone number as well as the name, address, email, and phone number of the person who is buying (or receiving via transfer) your membership using the Transfer Letter, along with the $35.00 transfer fee to:

          Whitehall Pool and Tennis Club

          P.O. Box 521

          Bowie, MD 20718


3. The new member should complete a registration form, which can be obtained by contacting Mike Cleveland at


Ways to Sell Your Pool Bond

  • Pennysaver
  • Bowie Blade
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • Word of mouth
  • With the sale of your home


More questions regarding membership?  Email Mike Cleveland at